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Should the Supplement Industry Lend a Page from the Cannabis Industry?

The Proposal To Improve the Quality of Supplements Sold on Amazon
PureNSM - Investment Offering for Compostable Vitamin Bottles

PureNSM Group is a group of companies consisting of a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) that also owns two brands, a logistics company and is now in the process of establishing a lab logistics and quality communication company called VeriGMP®.
Are Your Customers Angry About Plastic?

Here is a Compostable Vitamin Bottle that Could Cure Them
Amazon Lends Credibility to Supplement Brands that Don’t Deserve It

Amazon Owns Over 77% of Online Supplement Market
Amazon Copycat Supplement Sellers Exploit Amazon Woefully Insufficient Quality Control System

Did you know that Amazon sellers often copy the formula that reputable brands sell?
One-Third of Americans Say They Believe Supplements are Tested by the FDA. This is Not True!

According to a 2022 nationally representative survey by Consumer Reports, one-third of Americans say they think supplements have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration for safety. (source)
Quality Claims on Fancy Icons - Not Good Indicators of the Quality of Supplements!

Many people trust meaningless quality icons like those.
NSF Confusion Enables Factories to Deceive Brands Who Then Deceive the Public!

The end result is adulterated supplements on the marketplace.
Supplements are Relying on Outdated Bioterror Protection from 1982

In 1982 there had been a string of deaths because of Tylenol that had been tampered with and filled with potassium cyanide in Chicago. This resulted in seven deaths, and several other deaths attributed to subsequent copycat crimes.
Compostable Vitamin Bottles Have Arrived!

PureNSM collaborates with Invert for sustainable container systems.
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An Investment Opportunity:
VeriGMP Lab Logistics and Quality Communication System
100% Compostable Vitamin Bottles                                                   

PureNSM Group plans to go public within a year. However we are now raising funds (Equity Crowd Funding) to disrupt both quality communication in the industry with the VeriGMP® system as well as promoting the use of 100% compostable vitamin bottles. Both projects are welcomed by many brand owners. 

The story of PureNSM Group started in 1993 when we established our supplement factory. We now have 45,000 sq ft, over $14m in revenue and over $4m in sales from our own brand of supplements. We have a fully GMP trained staff. Certified GMP by UL since 2017 and by NSF since 2014.